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German Stuntweek Contests

No Limit Circles

As the name suggests, circles are driven on the rear wheel. All participants compete against each other in the KO system at the same time. Anyone who touches the ground with a part of the body or the front wheel of the machine, leaves the stunt area or no longer drives circles is out! The area is reduced from time to time. The last one wins.

Broken Head's
Longest Stoppie

Each participant has 3 consecutive attempts to cover the longest distance on the front wheel with a run of 30m. The rear wheel must be in the air from the start line.

The measurement is from the starting line to the point where the rear wheel touches the ground again!

GSW - Parcours

A course with obstacles has to be covered over time. The fastest driver wins.

Leaving an obstacle +1 second. Skipping an obstacle +3 seconds. All penalty seconds are added to the driven time at the end.

The course

3 jumps over 3 small ramps (both wheels must be in the air), turn around a cone, further over a narrow bar (both wheels must stay on the entire length of the bar), then over a seesaw (over which seesaw jump not allowed, but as soon as it is horizontal you can jump off / shut down), Limbo drift turn, stoppie in which the rear wheel has to be placed on a target (center +0, 1st circle +1, 2nd circle +2, outside +3 Seconds).

Fastest Wheelie

Two participants compete against each other in the knock-out system. Participants must cover the entire distance on the rear wheel. 50m there, around the barrel and 50m back. The winner is whoever arrives at the finish line first without touching the ground with the front wheel.

Last Man Standing

Everyone against everyone, regardless of loss. The highchair is driven in a closed circle in which everything is allowed. The crashed bikes stay where they are and whoever rides last is champ.

Best Show

Each team / driver has 5 minutes to perform a spectacular show. The evaluation is based on strict criteria and the jury will be excluded.


Longest Coaster - GSW Parcours



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Öffnungszeiten / Opening Hours

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